UCS 111 Child Support Summary Form

A Child Support Summary Form is one of the documents necessary in divorce cases with minor children involved. This form presents detailed information concerning child support that the Unified Court System is required to collect per the law.

The plaintiff must complete a Child Support Summary Form and submit it with other papers. The details that must be presented include:

  • Names of children involved;
  • Both parties’ annual gross income adjusted for support;
  • Amount of payments assigned to each party;
  • Additional special needs the support should cover;
  • Facts concerning the court decisions on child support and maintenance.

The information included in a Child Support Summary Form stays strictly confidential. It is used solely for statistical purposes and is not usually retained in the permanent case files.

Download Form UCS 111 in PDF Format

Child Support Summary Form (UCS-111 )

A summons form is used to initiate divorce proceedings in New York state. It summons the recipient (the defendant/respondent spouse) to officially respond to the divorce case filed by the plaintiff spouse within 20-30 days.

To get your UCS 111 Child Support Summary form completed online, you need to:

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