Form UD-13 Request for Judicial Intervention

A Request for Judicial Intervention is an official document requesting the court to get involved in the matter and assign a judge to the case. No motions will be accepted, and no orders will be issued by the court until this form is filed.

In New York State, a divorce case is commenced upon filing the initial paperwork that includes a Complaint and a Summons or a Summons with Notice. After the documents are served on the defendant and their answer is received, a civil action can proceed within the established framework. However, it has not entered the court system yet and requires additional action to bring the case to the judge, who will preside over it till the end.

Therefore, the plaintiff must complete and file a Request for Judicial Intervention to get the divorce case to the court for further review and disposition. This form may be filed at any moment after the service of process and requires an additional court filing fee of $95.

Download Form UD-13 in PDF Format

Request for Judicial Intervention (UD-13)

Form UD-13 Request for Judicial Intervention is used in New York uncontested divorce cases to request that the court move the case forward and get it on the calendar for review/processing.

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