Get a Cheap Divorce in New York

The average cost of divorce in NY is approximately $16,000. Fortunately, you can reduce expenses significantly by applying for an uncontested divorce. We are ready to help you with document preparation for your agreed-upon case. Our company offers:

  • Budget-friendly assistance with paperwork.
  • Court-approved and case-specific forms.
  • Step-by-step filing instructions included.
  • Quick turnaround.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Access to the platform anytime and from any device.


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Affordable Flat Fee Pricing for any Budget

The cost of divorce in NY depends on the complexity of the case and cooperation between spouses. Contested divorces typically entail high financial expenses for both parties, with an average cost of $16,000+. Uncontested divorces, when spouses agree on every aspect of marriage dissolution, are much cheaper and can be finalized for less than $1,000.

While the most budget-friendly method to terminate a marriage is to choose a DIY divorce, it can be complicated since spouses will have to search for, fill out, and file the needed divorce forms on their own. It may cause confusion considering that spouses have nobody to rely on when preparing complex legal paperwork.

That’s why more and more couples delegate paperwork to credible online services like ours. This way, they can still keep divorce expenses low while getting professional assistance with divorce forms. Check out what we offer below.

Online Divorce

Prepare all documents needed for your uncontested divorce online, without paying a lawyers’ fees.

  • Legal forms completed in accordance with case specifics
  • Detailed filing instructions for free
  • Transparent pricing & fixed fees
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Fast turnaround

Installment Plan

Negotiable price
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Convenient split payments
  • Access to the questionnaire after the first deposit
Simple low-cost divorce option

How Does it Works

No matter whether you opt for NY divorce online or offline, as long as your case is uncontested, you can get our assistance with document preparation. To do that, take 3 simple steps.


Step 1: Enter Your Case Details

Fill out a comprehensive questionnaire about your divorce. There are different sections, such as personal data, financial details, debts, etc. Make sure to provide clear answers and check them before our system starts preparing your forms. Remember that you can change your answers during an active subscription period.


Step 2: Review Your Completed Paperwork.

Your documents will be ready within the deadline you choose. Once your forms are completed, you will be able to download them from your profile. Take your time to read the papers to ensure all the details of your case are properly represented in the forms.


Step 3: Download, Print, and Sign your Ready-to-file Forms.

Now you only need to download the documents, print them, and sign those that require signature. Check the filing instructions we provide as a bonus to understand your next steps. After signing, your divorce forms are ready to be filed with the court to start a divorce officially.

Benefits of Using Our Low-Cost Divorce Service

OnlineDivorceNY is one of the cheapest form preparation services in New York. With us, you may not stress about finding and filling out numerous documents required in your case. We will do it for you in the shortest time possible.

1. Convenience

There is no need to spend much time looking for suitable forms, understanding legal terminology, and filling out papers. With our service, you just have to provide your case details, and our system will complete the required forms. Such an easy approach is beneficial for couples interested in an uncontested, simple divorce in NY.

2. Cost Savings

Hiring an attorney to deal with divorce paperwork is rather expensive. By using our online service, couples can get the paperwork prepared for only $139. Therefore, the overall divorce process can become more affordable, which is extremely important for couples seeking the cheapest divorce in New York State.

3. Speed

With us, you can avoid adjusting to a busy lawyer’s schedule and waiting weeks for them to complete your divorce papers. Typically, our clients get their forms within several business days after placing an order. Thus, after receiving the papers, they can initiate a divorce process without any delays.

Delivery Options

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