Form UD-1 Summons With Notice

A Summons with Notice is used if you start the divorce action without a Verified Complaint. It contains all the information that would be present in a traditional Summons, including the court name, the Index Number assigned to the case by the clerk, the parties’ names, the details of the plaintiff’s attorney if involved, and the place and date the defendant should appear. Additionally, it presents a short description of the case type and the relief that the plaintiff asks the court about.

When the defendant receives a Summons with Notice, they demand that a Complaint should be served. The plaintiff has 20 days to do this, and the case may be dismissed if they fail. In their turn, the defendant must inform the plaintiff that they will respond to the Complaint by sending them a Notice of Appearance.

Download Form UD-1 in PDF Format

Summons (UD-1)

A summons form is used to initiate divorce proceedings in New York state. It summons the recipient (the defendant/respondent spouse) to officially respond to the divorce case filed by the plaintiff spouse within 20-30 days.

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