Form UD-2 Verified Complaint

A Verified Complaint is an official document that initiates the divorce case. The plaintiff must fill it out and file it with the local court to commence the action.

A Complaint sets the initial pleading to the court, presenting the basic information about the parties to the case and their marriage, allegations of the reasons for divorce, and requests for relief.

Generally, the Verified Complaint form contain the following details: both spouses’ names, birth dates, addresses, and residency details; place and date of marriage; Number, names, dates of birth, and addresses of all children of the marriage; both parties’ insurance coverage information; grounds for divorce; ancillary relief sought by the plaintiff, which may include custody, child support, alimony, property distribution, restriction and/or protection orders, former name restoration, etc.

Download Form UD-2 in PDF Format

Verified Complaint (Form UD-2)

A Verified Complaint must also contain the plaintiff’s statement that the alleged facts presented are true to the best of their knowledge or belief. The plaintiff must sign this document under oath before a notary public, who will notarize it.

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