Form UD-3 Affirmation of Service

When legal paperwork is served on the respondent, an official written form that confirms the process of service and informs about how the papers were delivered must be completed and filed with the court. In the state, this form is called an Affirmation of Service.

If your spouse fails to answer the petition and return the Affidavit of Defendant, the process server โ€“ an unrelated adult person who served the paperwork on them โ€“ must complete an Affidavit of Service to prove that the necessary paperwork has been delivered to the second party.

Download Form UD-3 in PDF Format

Affirmation of Service (UD-3)

 Affirmation of Service is a sworn statement that contains the following details:

  • What papers were served;
  • Who delivered the papers;
  • Date, time, and place the papers were served;
  • The way of service;
  • The description of a person who was given the papers
  • When and how the papers were mailed (if applicable).

The server must sign the Affidavit before a notary public and return it to the plaintiff to submit it to the court with the rest of the documents.

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