How Much Does a Divorce Cost in NY?

Each marriage dissolution is unique, so the cost of divorce in New York varies. The factor that influences the price the most is the type of your dissolution. If it is contested, you will need legal aid, and in such a case the process will not be cheap. How much is a divorce with a lawyer? In the best-case scenario, it will be a few thousand dollars, but in the worst case, it may reach $20,000-40,000. However, if your marriage dissolution is uncontested, you can save yourself both time and money by getting a full set of papers online with the help of our service. In this case, you only have to answer a few questions, and we will provide you with all necessary forms. Additionally, you will receive some instructions on how to file your documents and what steps to take to finalize your marriage dissolution.

It is crucial to mention that there is a filing fee that needs to be paid to the court. Also, there might be some additional expenses involved depending on the court where you are filing.

Cheap Divorce: Is It Possible?

If you’re still thinking that a cheap and quick divorce in New York is a myth, we are here to bust it. Our online service can provide you with a full package of legal forms for marriage dissolution in less than 30 minutes! You only need to sign up on our website and answer a few questions.

What Is the Price of Divorce in New York If You Have Common Property?

The property division in New York is a pretty common discussion matter among spouses. Most of the couples have a shared property, assets, or debts, and it’s important that they come to an agreement on how everything should be divided. If you and your spouse want to put less strain on your finances, it is crucial to make a mutually-beneficial decision regarding the property division. If you do, you will be able to get an online divorce service to prepare your legal forms for you for just $139!

Types of Divorce Services That Provided​

We provide help with divorce forms to couples getting an uncontested marriage dissolution. If you’d like to get a quick and easy divorce, this is your go-to option. Once you complete our questionnaire, we will send you a personalized package with forms for your case along with the instructions on how to file them.